Rebounding Schedule:

Welcome to REBOUNDING!

Cutting edge class in Omaha with a brand new fusion of YOGA, fun. and fitness!
Yoga and rebounding on the Bellicon mini-trampoline.

It's called Bounce, and you're going to LOVE it!
It's the best of both worlds, as we invigorate the major systems of the body.
Yoga on the mat and on the trampoline! 
Bounce your way to vitality!

Bellicon recommends bouncing with grippy socks or barefoot.  You may choose to wear clean sneakers as well.

​Two class formats offered at Evolve to Harmony, descriptions below.

Rebounding Class Prices:

First Class $10

Drop In $20

Intro to Rebounding 5 Class Pass $50

3 Class Pass $45

10 Class Pass $120

​20 Class Pass $175

Bounce Class:

Yoga + Cardio Bouncing + Strength

This class utilizes the rebounder, free weights, ankle weights, and tubes.  

It's an interval based class, that will get your heart pumping!

The music is up-tempo and fun to inspire you to move and bounce your way to heart health and strength. The nature of the class being on an unstable surface also cultivates balance and coordination.  All of this, with a yoga warm-up and cool-down!

​This class is best suited to those that are injury free.

Basic Bounce + Yoga = BounceAsana:

Yoga + All Levels Bouncing

This class does not use weights.  It is just you, your mat, and the Bellicon rebounder.

This class is a combination of yoga stretches, calming breath, and bouncing with the intention of invigorating our circulatory and lymphatic systems.  We also focus on balance and coordination.